Celebrate Ontario Ginseng With Us!

We are happy to support Ontario ginseng growers through our Buyer Membership in the Ontario Ginseng Growers Association(OGGA). Ontario Ginseng is the most potent and, we feel, the best “ginseng taste” of all the American Ginseng areas.  

What the OGGA Does

The Association supports and funds research on ginseng and new production or harvesting technologies.  They have played an important role, working with growers, industry organizations and local and federal governments to help open up markets around the world. 

They have contributed to research that makes it possible for growers to use biological controls. This has helped farmers find products that reduce the risk of disease and negative environmental threats.

Ontario farmers and premium ginseng

North American Ginseng from Ontario is world-renowned due to the clean air, water and exceptional terroir it is grown in. The ginseng grown by these experienced families is free from contaminants, heavy metals, and disease. This multi-year crop requires massive amounts of investment, both in time and money.

In order to grow ginseng, sandy loam is the best soil type, which contains plenty of organic matter and allows good drainage.  Ontario farms ensure the soil’s pH is between 6.0 to 6.5 so the growing plants can effectively get the proper nutrients from the soil and can avoid bacterial diseases. Even before ginseng is planted, lots of work goes into preparing the site. Expert consultations help farmers to decide how much liming is necessary and the best setup for drainage.

Usually using seeds painstakingly gathered from the tiny berries from third-year plants, ginseng is planted under custom-made shade structures in long columns of earth with good drainage. Also in the third year, ginseng flowers are removed to increase the root size (up to 30%). Weeding is essential for plants of any age, but to keep the plant free from external contaminants, weeding is primarily done by hand.

Typically, commercial roots are dug by modified potato diggers. The exposed roots are then picked up by hand and placed in baskets. Then after washing and drying, the roots are sorted and graded before being stored in climate-controlled warehouses. Finally, it is ready to be sent around the world to enrich and benefit consumers.

OGGA Buyers

As a buyer, we commit to supporting Ontario ginseng farmers and the efforts of the Association.  Only ginseng root that is environmentally cultivated and properly documented can be sent to our customers overseas. Our tea temples and capsules don’t have the same export requirements. All the same, we commit to only using the best available to us so you can enjoy the essence of ginseng no matter where you are in the world. 

ginseng root with a nespresso machine and ginseng tea capsules