Ginseng and Blood Sugar – An Adaptogenic Natural Win!

For those of us looking for effective and safe treatments with blood sugar levelling, ginseng is a great supplement to try. Trials with healthy lifestyle patients and those with type 2 diabetes have taken place over time with patients using ginseng vs those using placebos. Ginseng is certainly a very special plant, and its extracts are widely used. Because it has been trialed often it is deemed safe to use as a treatment for a number of body issues including symptoms of high blood sugar.

Pharmaceutical tests have confirmed the herbs’ ability to decrease blood sugar levels. Because stress on the body plays a contributing factor in low blood sugar levels, ginseng is used safely as a treatment to enhance the body’s natural ability to restore and repair. This in turn helps to avoid your blood sugar becoming dangerously low. Both Asian Panax ginseng and American ginseng are safe and effective and can also be used alongside some other medications especially those used for diabetes type 2.

Note: information here does not replace the expertise of your doctor. Consult with a professional before taking any supplements, especially if you have chronic underlying conditions (especially diabetes). This evidence is gathered from reputable organizations around the world simply to inform.

The Science Bit – The Adaptogen ‘Ginseng’

The body is amazing. It works hard at maintaining health and balance yet sometimes it needs a bit of help. Through illness and poor diet choices, our bodies can suffer immensely under stress and pressure. Unnaturally occurring pressure and abuse on the body and its internal systems can result in high blood sugar levels which may lead to serious disease. 

Mild and short bursts of high sugar in the blood can be reversed by the body’s own system and returned to normal. However, long periods of increased blood sugar or levels suddenly becoming extremely high can be dangerous. Leading to Hypoglycemia, insulin is a good and proven pharmaceutical medicine. However, ginseng can interact with insulin helping the body to reduce blood sugar. So, with treatment and through a change of diet, adding ginseng supplements in the form of a tonic or tablets may help to lower sugar and glucose content.

Ginseng, an adaptogen, can help your body adapt to levels of pressure and stress. Ginseng has been tested, trialed, and proven to assist and balance the processes of the body where it may struggle. As a supplement, it helps to counteract physical changes to the body caused by the stresses of modern life.

Why Use Ginseng?

Through overuse of sugar (glucose) based food and drink, if hypoglycemia develops, it can stunt the way that blood is delivered to vital organs. In our modern world, it’s rare for us to depend on a herbal remedy as the sole treatment for illness and disease. That said, this ideal has turned around hugely over the years largely due to ginseng being one of the herbs that are frequently tested. It has been shown to aid reduction of blood sugar.

Ginseng and Its Benefits

Used as a modern-day supplement, and considered to be a staple by many, ginseng has been trialed by the herbal pharmaceutical industry. It has been shown that Asian ginseng, or Panax ginseng, has herbal healing qualities. It has impressive properties and is used as a natural remedy and can even be used by those already taking pharmaceutical medicines.

Taking ginseng 40 minutes before food can reduce blood sugar levels by 10%. It works well for those still taking their regular medication, as mentioned, but it is recommended that you speak to your GP or professional before taking anything extra.

In summary, ginseng is almost a wonder plant and a remedy that plenty of us rely on – and for very good reason.

Try ginseng for a natural boost to your body’s system and restore your energy nature’s way.

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