Ginax Ginseng Canada

Ginax Ginseng

Panaxtract Technology

Our Ontario Ginseng Blends

100% Pure American Ginseng

  • Natural ginseng root aroma, flavour, and nutritional value
  • Modern ecofriendly grinding process
  • Only premium high-grade roots
  • Ideal healthy gift for your loved ones or business clients

Artisan Honey goes Great with Pods

  • Enjoy a cup of nice hot ginseng drink in less than 30 seconds
  • Sweeten to taste and indulge with Artisan Honey
  • Customize the drink for each member of the family

The Power Duo - Ginseng & Ginger

  • A drink to soothe and boost
  • Fight colds and infections with natural antioxidants
  • Perfect hot in the winter, or iced in the summer
  • An important part of your daily recommended intake

The Peaceful Duo - Ginseng & Reishi

  • Blended to help calm, destress and focus
  • Authoritative recipe to maximize benefits for young and old
  • A perfect gift for loved ones wanting a health boost

The Ginax Story

2020 was a year of many new approaches to life. At Ginax we turned our attention to producing the best ginseng products possible to protect and strengthen our communities’ health.

We did extensive research and trial and error to find the absolute perfect granule size for your capsule drinks. Then, we did even more research to find the best ratio of ingredients for your chocolates and teas.

Our design team was hard at work creating attractive containers for this natural golden root that would ensure freshness and preserve the healthful benefits.

A market leader in ginseng capsule drinks, we use “Panaxtract technology” to describe the countless hours of engineering and design spent developing these superior products. Sourcing American ginseng from the beautiful valleys of Southwestern Ontario, it undergoes a transformation and ends up a capsule. With the press of a button, it can be enjoyed in Nespresso OriginalLine coffee machines (or compatible).