Ginax Ginseng Canada


Panaxtract Technology

Here at ginax*, we use Panaxtract technology to produce our one-of-a-kind ginseng pod. It is no less than a “Ginseng Revolution”. Why? Working with experts, we have been able to perfect our ginseng pod process with new technologies. We are happy to provide modern ways to get the many benefits of ginseng, including coffee capsule machines.
As the name suggests, Panaxtract is the extraction of panax (ginseng) - the long-renowned herb with high nutritional value. Used in Oriental traditional medicine and is a staple of modern dietary supplements. As easy as brewing a cup of capsule espresso, our ginax pods are compatible with any Nespresso coffee machine. You are always just one press and 30 seconds away from a soothing hot drink that's not only good for you , but also has uncompromised flavour.